Long Queues Are Great For Business, But...

No one wants to wait these days. Your customers’ time is precious, giving them an alternative way to order to beat the queues will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Long queues means unhappy customers

Get ahead of the game in no time…

Once you have decided to move to NOQU you will want it to happen as fast as you can prepare your food, no problem, we can get you up and running within 72 hours.

Embracing tech empowers your customers

Embracing Tech Empowers Your Customers

Society loves technology, your customers will be used to posting, poking, liking and tweeting. Customer empowerment will drive adoption and result in brand loyalty

Raising brand awareness is good

Raising Brand Awareness Is Good

Brand awareness is essential to create a thriving business. With an online/ mobile ordering solution in place you can now maximise the return on your investment by telling folk!


NOQU’s solution will enable your restaurant to optimise customer service and increase sales, resulting in the all important profitability through offering your customers an online experience that will change the way they think of you. You will fast become known for speedy service, online ordering and of course, your great food.

Still not convinced? Now is maybe a good time to mention that online orders are worth on average 25% more to you, why? Because folks order more food online than when they are in the restaurant.



NOQU mobile app solutions include extremely flexible features that are easy to update. Similarly, our responsive feature-rich branded website which allows customers to order, pay and save their favourite orders makes NOQU a valuable tool for your business.

Both the app and website enhance your digital brand, acting as a great marketing tool for you to communicate directly with loyal customers. We even offer an answering service to direct customers to your online app/website or to route calls efficiently to a real person to take their order.

What about delivery? Contact NOQU



Our NOQU Command Centre (NCC) offers a simple and intuitive interface that allows staff to quickly manage orders, products, pricing and collection or delivery time allocation.


A simple, support driven, cloud based digital service

The benefits of noqu...

...can be seen both by you, your staff and perhaps most importantly, your customers...

For your restaurant, your staff and your profits

  • Improve your profitability and drive sales
  • Operate an efficient kitchen and increase customer throughput
  • Extend your brand into the digital world
  • Online pre-payment of orders to eliminate cash handling
  • Understand your customers’ buying behaviours and trends with full analytics and reporting
  • Drive focused promotion initiatives to create loyalty by owning your customer lists
  • Happy customers = loyal customers

For your customers

  • Order on the go - customers skip the queue from order to payment
  • The option to either have their order delivered or to collect
  • Simple and easy-to-order and pay in-store or using the fully-responsive website and app
  • Introduce loyalty schemes and receive coupons, discounts and offers
  • With social integration, customers can share their great experience with friends
  • Drive focused promotion initiatives to create loyalty
  • An enjoyable and innovative experience
  • Integration with Apple Pay and PayPal
Who else uses NOQU?

Backed by industry leaders

The NOQU solution is made possible by partnering with a number of key technology influencers who are leaders in their field, working with us to deliver an exceptional user experience to you and in turn your customers.

Here are just a few of our strategic partners that put the power behind the NOQU solution:


    Whether you are looking to outsource your own delivery operation or looking for a 3rd party delivery solution, NOQU can help. We have a growing network of drivers who can deliver direct to your customers and using our GPS tracking software your customers can see exactly where their order is.

    • Outsourced delivery service – we can employ your drivers and let you focus on food
    • Overflow delivery service – we can offer drivers to help meet increased demand
    • New delivery capability – if you don’t currently deliver why not start?

    To see if we are delivering in your area please contact us

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    Knock, Knock, Delivery... Knock, Knock, Delivery...

    Get noticed

    To help create those queues that need managing we are here to supply you with a complete marketing solution.

    NOQU offers a number of packages with a full online ordering and reordering facility. Simply upload your logo to create loyalty cards, flyers, store posters and food bags, getting you noticed out and about by even more customers that don’t want to queue at your competitors’ restaurants.

    Get noticed
    Start improving your customer experience

    Start improving your customer experience

    NOQU helps get more customers served in the rush, improves brand loyalty, retains your profits and spreads the knowledge of your restaurant further.

    Sign up today and be part of the increasing number of restaurants turning to NOQU for a superior customer experience.

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